Ensure a successful project with our pre-construction services

As a full-service construction company, Kinghorn’s commercial pre-construction services provide your project with the solid foundation necessary for a successful construction process. 

Our core pre-construction services include site selection and land developmentconcept planningfinancial models and budgeting and financial services.

Other pre-construction services include:

  1. Project Coordination
  2. Design Assist
  3. Mechanical and Electrical Contractor Pre-Selection
  4. Pre-Construction Estimating and Budgeting
  5. Constructability Reviews
  6. Value Engineering and Analysis
  7. Government Approvals and Permitting
  8. Unlimited Pre-Construction Meetings, Design/Build Meetings, Strategy Meetings, etc.
  9. Bid Phase Administration


Site Selection / Land Development

Site Selection Services

The selection of your new construction site is critical to the overall budget. Factors such as topography, utilities provided, site access and drainage play an important role in the viability and complexity of the project. For this reason, Kinghorn’s commercial site selection services are extensive and thorough.

Through our site analyses, we help to enable more intelligent decisions, and to remove the risk from this critical decision.

Land Development Services

Whether your development needs involve distribution or industrial facilities, residential multi-housing or specialty requirements, Kinghorn offers customized land development services to fit your unique needs. Our land development services include pre-development, regulatory and zoning approvals, site civil engineering, land planning, surveying and mapping.


Concept Planning

Commercial Construction Concept Planning

Successful projects begin with diligent planning. With almost four decades of design and construction experience, our team of experts will help to conceptualize your project to meet your overall vision, expectations, budget and timeline. As the concept planning progresses, we will provide professional input on the potential savings or increases to budget associated with different materials, methods and layouts, enabling owners to make informed decisions regarding the design and how it will affect the budget.

Bring us your goals, dreams and vision; we’ll help to create a viable, strategic concept for your project.


Financial Models / Budgeting

Financial Models and Budgeting Services

During the pre-construction process, Kinghorn provides financial modeling and budgeting services for your project. Accurate estimating and budgeting is achieved through our in-depth understanding of current market conditions and the input of well-established, trustworthy resources.

Conceptual estimates will be performed throughout the pre-construction phase. As the design becomes more refined, we will seek the input of additional subcontractors and suppliers to obtain both their suggestions of constructability and realistic cost estimates for their respective areas of work.


Financial Services

Financial Resources and Services

Given our extensive project experience and established relationships with industry professionals, Kinghorn Construction can provide a selection of financial resources to assist in the financing of your project.

To learn more about our commercial financial modeling and budgeting services, call 763-428-8088.

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