Our longstanding experience has earned us the confidence of many people which shows in the amount of repeat and referral customers we have. This is a direct result of our no-pressure attitude and our ability to help you feel comfortable and secure through the duration of your building experience and beyond. We truly enjoy what we do and remain passionate about helping our customers achieve their construction goals on time, and on budget. Read some of our customer testimonials below...

I am writing to recommend to you Kinghorn Construction Company. We just recently moved in to our new 14,000 sf building facility in Greenfield, MN., and are overjoyed with how the project turned out.From start to finish, it has been a great pleasure to work with Grady Kinghorn and his staff, especially our project lead John Studer. These men are not only high quality men of integrity, but also have many years of “know how” under their belts to help create the project, and ensure that it comes in with high quality, on budget and on time.We appreciated that each of these guys understood the nuances of building a church building – the types of activities that would happen there, the constraints of a tight budget, and the need for very functional space. They were instrumental in finding just the right architect to design the building, and helped us to move to an alternate type of construction when that was deemed appropriate.At every turn, I have always had confidence in them. I have seen them demonstrate competence in their trade, and operate with a big heart as well. We very much appreciated that they listened to our needs as a church, and proceeded accordingly. We did not get a “cookie cutter” approach to the building, it was highly customized, and suits us well in our ministry needs.Our new facility turned out just great! We love having a “place to call home” after over 10 years of holding church services at our local high school auditorium. It is a beautiful, functional space, which we feel will serve us very well now, and even in the future, as the place was built with future expansion in mind.I would highly recommend Grady Kinghorn to you as you consider your next building project. If you would like a verbal recommendation, I would be happy to provide it for you. -Rev. Keith G. Robinson, Senior Pastor, Riverwood Covenant Church

The members and friends of First Baptist Church of Anoka are blessed to meet for worship, study and recreation in a newly remodeled and expanded, Multi-purpose Church Facility; The construction of said Multi-Purpose Facility was attended to by Grady Kinghorn, President of Kinghorn Construction, Incorporated; The members and friends of First Baptist Church of Anoka understand their obligation to give all glory to God and to be thankful for all He provides; Grady Kinghorn proved invaluable to the project. His dedication and fair manner facilitated the timely completion of an outstanding Multi-Purpose Church Facility; Grady Kinghorn’s love for The Lord was evident to the church, the community, and the men and women who provided goods, services, and labor to the project; An expression of heartfelt gratitude and appreciation is extended to Grady Kinghorn, Furthermore, Grady Kinghorn is saluted and commended for his dedication and hard work. It is our sincere belief that the newly remodeled and expanded, Multi-Purpose Church Facility will bring Glory to God in service of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The proclamation is signed on behalf of the members and friends of First Baptist Church of Anoka by the Pastors and Chairmen that served with Grady Kinghorn throughout the project. -Chairman, Members, Friends, First Baptist Church

I met Grady Kinghorn in July of 2012.  I had just come from a meeting with our architects that gave me the news that the building we were designing could not be built within our budget, and that we had to raise another $600k to build it. At that meeting, over coffee with Grady, I showed him the plans and our budget, and he said “we can do it for that”.We began a design build process in the fall of 2012 that engaged a different architect with Grady and John Kinghorn walking with us through the process every step of the way. Meeting with the city officials to get their support for the type of pre-cast construction. Joining me at meetings with the planning commission and city council to get their approvals. Offering value engineering concepts that helped us fit within our budget. That led to a contract in early 2013 and ground breaking in the March. John Kinghorn worked with us every step of the way, building a building that far exceeded our expectations.There were challenges, as there are with any project, but together we were able to overcome every challenge that came across our path.   When the city demanded extra drainage and a fire hydrant, John helped us find cost savings that offset the increases required by the city. When we wanted to build a stadium seating configuration, John found a unique construction technique to get the job done. The building was finished on time, with our first worship service Dec. 7, 2013. There were change orders, but all “extras” were offset with “savings”, resulting in a “net zero” change order at the final billing. As I said before, the building has far exceeded the expectations of: City of Ramsey staff and officials Our neighbors Our congregation The entire process was a fun and rewarding experience.  We built a “relationship” with Grady and John Kinghorn that will last years into the future.  Would we use them again and recommend them to others?  The answer is absolutely “YES”!Feel free to call me if you have any questions: 763-520-6705 -Wayne Skaff, Executive Pastor, Northgate Church